It was 1956 when good friend and boxing promoter Norm Rothchild convinced Paul Basilio into opening a sausage stand at the New York State Fairgrounds.  That’s all it took for Paul, one season at the Fair and he was hooked.  Basilio’s State Fair Sausage has been served by Paul Basilio and his family from the same concession stand at the New York State Fair every year for the last 54 years!

Paul Basilio’s State Fair Sausage became an icon for many annual Fair-goers for three reasons:

First, his original State Fair recipe for the best tasting Italian sausage at any fair.

Second, after 7-8 years of experience at the fair, and menu pricing with .50 increments, Paul discovered that giving a half dollar was much faster than handling of quarters. 

Third, Paul wanted a simple way for his staff to understand what kind of sausage sandwich was being ordered.  And the Naked Loaded™ was born.  A giant sausage covered with peppers and onions nestled in a fresh Italian sub roll.

Naked Loaded = Sausage with Peppers and Onions
Loaded = Sausage, Peppers, Onions, and Sauce
Naked = Plain Sausage

It was simple to his staff and amusing to the customers, ONE NAKED LOADED as it’s yelled over and over!

It’s why customers come back year after year…a Naked Loaded and a 50 cent piece!

Now in his 80’s Paul Basilio is not slowing down! He will continue to serve his famous State Fair Sausage from his familiar stand at the Fair this year. Come on down to see Paul and get a State Fair Sausage the Naked Loaded way.